• Computer-aided drafting
  • Complex design projects
  • Multi-axis components design
  • Wood parts manufacturing
  • Concept development


Conception MB offers numerous personalized services going from ideation to design and conception. We develop products with flexibility, ingenuity and finesse by making use of the perfect machining method for your needs. All this to properly reach your complete satisfaction.

We will supply our chairs the way that you need them. We can send them in parts, unfinished or assembled. We can even match your finishing and box it for you. Our furniture is hand-made finished by experienced craftspeople who take great pride in their work.

chaise en bois


Our fine craftsmanship and ingenious thinking make our commercial products precise, reliable and strong. Our chairs are a blend of necessary durablity and beautiful design made to cater your commercial needs.

patte de chaise en bois


Working spaces are environments where professionalism and inspiration are essential in order to reach success. Our components are configured to fit your office needs and make working hours appealing for you, your employees and your clients.

patte de chaise en bois

Home furniture

Match your vision and your needs with our high-quality products. We are a true manufacturer that provides the wooden parts you want for every project.