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Welcome to the family

We are always looking for highly qualified candidates who are self-starters, pay close attention to details and are eager to learn new things.

Why work at Conception MB? Because we provide:

  • A career that fosters teamwork, professionalism and a dedication for a job well done
  • A challenging and high-tech work environment
  • Talent development programs on robotic
  • The best work conditions in the industry
  • A monthly bonus package based on the TEAM’s performance
  • A young and dynamic team spirit in a company that is growing exponentially

I love working at CMB because of the great atmosphere, employees and management. It’s very rewarding here.

— René

CMB has amazing values that employees really appreciate, such as respect, frankness and work-life balance. These values really speak to us. Join our team; you’ll love the challenge!

— Luc

I’m extremely proud to have worked at this company for eight years. The workplace atmosphere is terrific and management really listens to employee needs.

— Lucie

Join our team! We’re an amazing team and I love my work. We look forward to seeing you!

— Claude

I love my work! I create finished and preassembled products. The atmosphere in the factory is pleasant.

— Daniel

Our sense of belonging is really high and is matched by the pride we feel for each product we make.

— Michel

Our values

image our values


  • Respect of the company’s core values
  • Golden rule: Treat others like you want to be treated.
  • Inter-departmental respect
  • Respect of the workplace and its properties
  • Observe rules of conduct and corporate policies
  • Hierarchy respect (duties and responsibilities)
  • Commitment to timelines

Work-family balance

  • We’re committed to be conciliatory with employees’ family needs
  • We’re committed to be conciliatory with the requested work
  • Consideration for everybody’s needs


  • Committed to a work well done
  • Respect of production processes (time, steps)
  • Exceeds customer expectations with a work that’s perfectly done

Innovation & creativity

  • Open-minded and ability to adapt to changes quickly
  • Thinks outside the box and committed to continuous improvement
  • Never afraid of making mistakes and learn from them
  • Share ideas

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