Where artistry and
technical expertise
go hand in hand

Our mission

Provide our clients with high-quality seating solutions that will offer long lasting comfort with no compromise on the design.


Strong business relationships

Conception MB creates and maintains strong and exclusive business relationships with its partners.

Conception MB focuses on its clients’ challenges and meets their needs with rigor and speed—all while offering custom services that honor its tradition of excellence.

Market leadership

Conception MB maintains its position as a leader in the market by offering durable and high-quality chairs and stools as well as developing custom products that precisely meet the strict criteria of our discerning and invaluable clientele.

Modern equipment

Conception MB remains on the cutting edge of the industry by constantly renewing its equipment, technology and manufacturing processes.


By conceiving highly inspirational designs, Conception MB, a 100% Québec-based company, is proud to be a pioneer in wood components. Founded in 2001 by Ms. Brigitte Bouchard and Mr. Michel Paillé, the company was acquired in 2010 by Mr.Paillé’s son, Martin, and his partner, Mr. Claude McKenzie.

Conception MB is synonymous with excellence. Using the most modern techniques to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing, we meet the growing needs and requests of our clients. Each day, we invest in making our tooling centers as sophisticated and technologically advanced as possible to create reliable products with high added value for our clients.